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Residents enjoy their own living units that include a separate bedroom and bathroom. George Derby Centre also has nine double occupancy units available to accommodate residents who prefer to share or who are waiting for a private room. Each unit is designed to afford privacy, security and comfort.

Each unit is furnished with a single electric bed, an arm chair, a night table with a locked drawer and a bedside lamp. We encourage residents to decorate their room and create a personal environment. Residents are welcome to bring in their favourite mementoes, a piece of furniture such as a comfortable chair, preferably with washable material, a television set and pictures to personalize their space.For safety reasons, any such personal items must be cleared by our Environmental Services Department before being placed in the resident’s room.

Residents may acquire their own telephone and cable services. It is the resident’s or the family’s responsibility to make arrangements for service connections. Our service provider for telephone service is Telus and cable and internet service provider is Shaw.

Upon admission, the social worker will provide a list of suggested clothing and hygiene items required for each resident’s personal comfort.