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Board of Directors

The George Derby Care Society Board of Directors consists of 12 voting members that are elected to three-year terms. Our Board members elect the President and Vice-President at a meeting following the Annual General Meeting. Meetings are scheduled bi-monthly and at the call of the President. Meetings are held at George Derby Centre.

The Board of Directors makes decisions to fulfill the “governance” responsibilities on behalf of the community being served. In the case of George Derby Centre, it is on behalf of the membership of the George Derby Care Society and the veteran residents of George Derby Centre.

The Board of Directors delegates to the Executive Director responsibility for the overall management of the Centre’s operations and implementation of new programs and services. The Directors ensure that their deliberations support the Centre’s Mission, Philosophy and Vision, which are proudly displayed throughout the Centre.

Finally, the Board of Directors ensures the long-term viability of the organization.

With the exciting challenges that lie ahead, individuals with an expertise or background in housing development or financial planning are encouraged to stand for election to the Board of Directors. If you know of someone who would represent the best interests of our residents please contact the Director of Operation office at 604.527.4451 for further information.

Introducing the Board of Directors, 2021-22

President – Catherine Kohm

Directors at-large:

Charlie Grahn

Lucki Kang

Ashley Celenza

Jordan Friesen

Jennifer Hirsch

Kam Ahmed

Chris Clark

Sharon Galloway